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Carlyle V2

Mammoru's robo, Carlyle, is a Wild Soldier.

Wild Soldiers are a model of robos that have appeared in Custom Robo (Nintendo 64), Custom Robo V2, and Custom Robo Arena. They are essentially the midpoint between Shining Fighters and Metal Grapplers stats wise (faster than a Metal Grappler but not as fast as a Shining Fighter, and buffer than a Shining Fighter, but not as buff as a Metal Grappler). In addition, these models have two fast air-dashes. The Wild Soldier's second dash is often overlooked because the first is so fast and points downward. The air-dash is very effective for close and mid-range attacks.


Wild Soldiers are of average width. However, when compared to Shining Fighters, they are taller and a bit older, often resembling seasoned military soldiers. Some also have "stuble" on their faces. They are also clad in armor (with the exception of Schmitt, who is themed after a ninja and thus in Shinobi shōzoku) and have lean "muscles".

Naming ConventionEdit

Wild Soldiers are named after famous men of culture throughout history.