For a list of Trick Flyer robos, see here.

Trick Flyers are tall, slender robos that have appeared in Custom Robo (Nintendo 64), Custom Robo V2, Custom Robo (GameCube), and Custom Robo Arena. They possess three quick short air-dashes, which allow them to quickly avoid fast gun rounds and approach the opponent in a zigzag pattern. However, they are somewhat slow on the ground, so try keeping them in the air. Otherwise, they are pretty well balanced, sacrificing some defense and speed for aerial mobility and air dashes. As such, many commanders who use Trick Flyers opt for well rounded sets that work well in the air.

When facing against a Trick Flyer robo, opt for sets that can hit them out of the air due to how slow they move on the ground. Sky Freeze Pods are not a bad choice against these robos due to them freezing the Trick Flyer robo in their tracks.


Trick Flyers are often tall and slender. In most instances, they have a larger head than most other robos. However, their key trait is their height and width.

Naming ThemeEdit

In all of their appearances (except in the GameCube version due to Funky Big Head robos), Trick Flyers have the word "Head" at the end of their name (i.e. Oracle Head, Stinger Head, Mantis Head, etc.). However, this was dropped when translating the games due to unknown reasons.


  • There has never been an Illegal Trick Flyer robo.