Shrike Render
Model Little Raider
Style Armor
Size* Small
Cube size Medium
Classification Legal
Description Extremely agile while on the ground. Poor defense allows foes to knock it down easily. Can jump up to three times.
Attack 95%
Defense 1.5
Endurance 0.5
Speed 4.0
Aerial 2.5
Air Dash
Speed N/A
Length N/A
Type Air Jump
Quantity 3
Type Flak
Action Rises diagonally and attacks.
Speed N/A
Standard Damage 115 (stat is 2.0)
Effect Opponent is sent up diagonally.
Ground Speed N/A
Jump Speed N/A
Jump Distance N/A
*currently measured in inches

Shrike is a Little Raider model that only appears in Custom Robo (GameCube). It is an Armor Style robo that is primarily used by Dendai Don and Borrena, but several other NPC characters use him as well.

How to obtainEdit


Like the other Little Raiders, the best tactic to use with Shrike is "hit and run." Basically, rush your opponent and then hit them with a gun with any range but preferably a fast rate of fire. Also, this Little Raider is good for commanders who are just starting to use Little Raiders, as its higher defense brings makes for an easier transition to the Little Raider models.

Little Blader Variation
Creator: TipDik
Robo Shrike
Gun Needle Gun
Bomb Delta Bomb
Pod Spider Pod G
Legs Stabilizer Legs
This bot is best played defensively. Placing Spider pods at choke points on the map really hampers your opponent's movement. Additionally, Delta bomb tells them not to approach while locking down even more of the map. The Blade can be chosen over Needle gun for even more safety, but you will have a much harder time vs airborne opponents. Blade also works better in conjunction with Shrike's Collision attack, which is a fantastic defensive option- just press X if you predict an incoming attack, absorb it with your invincibility frames, and strike back while the foe is in endlag. Stabilizer legs are an absolute must for this build, making it very hard to punish a whiffed bomb or gun shot.

Ability to scatter so many hitboxes on the field makes this a great counter to opposing LR, as you really stifle their movement. You may have some trouble approaching, but nursing a lead should be easy.



  • Shrike is named after the bird of the same name.
  • Shrike is most similar to Bit from the classic games due to the two of them sharing the same Charge and the fact that they are both Armor Style robos.
    • While Bit has better attack, Shrike has better mobility in general.
  • Despite its Charge Attack stat being listed as 2.0, its Charge deals 115 damage. This indicates that the "true" stat would be 2.25 instead of 2.0.
  • Like all other Little Raider robos in BR, Shrike takes an extra 5% damage when hit with an attack.
  • Shrike's parts combination in his render is the following: