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The Ray Legend (Custom Robo: Battle Revolution), a re-imagining of the original Ray model from the very first Custom Robo title.

Shining Fighters robos are a veteran robo class that has appeared in every game since Custom Robo (Nintendo 64). Generally, they are easy to control and will adapt to nearly any customization. They usually perform two fast air-dashes which provide both attacking and defending advantages. The Shining Fighters are well-balanced and possess heightened movement capabilities. In every Custom Robo title, the player's first robo is a Shining Fighter.

When looking at Shining Fighters, remember the phrase "Jack of All Trades; Master of None". As such, their excel in being adaptable. They can be used with many parts without too much concern. In addition, Shining Fighters allow players to alter their strategy during fights according to their need. However, their greatest weakness is that they don't excel in anything. For example, an aerial-based robo like an Aerial Beauty will be more effective than Shining Fighters in the air, so if a player is able to keep the fight in the air, the Shining Fighter will have difficulty competing. As such, when using a Shining Fighter, be sure to use a set that can adapt to any situation.


Shining Fighters are of average height and build, being the standard against which all the other robo classes are measured. They feature faces and hairstyles of young adolescent boys that are typically the protagonists of Shonen manga and anime series.

Naming ThemeEdit

The Shining Fighters are named after various light phenomena or words related to light.