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Scythe is character from Custom Robo Arena, and a major villain of the game, as he is the head of Greybaum.

Several years prior to the start of the game, Greybaum, led by Scythe, led a terrorist attack against a conference where Liv and Eddy's Dad was participating. Eddy fled with Liv, but their dad had to give up his own life for them to escape, using himself as a shield for them. Scythe kills their dad using his illegal robo Katana (which is also the only thing Eddy can remember to identify Scythe as their dad's murderer), and the trauma of losing her dad also somehow blocked Liv's ability to dive until Hadron forced her to dive into himself, thus unblocking it.

Scythe is first seen where he poses as famed robo scientist, Dr. Mars, whose position he, together with Kindjal, Sling and Cleaver, uses to secretly use NeoBrain's research facilities to develop Hadron, the "ultimate" Custom Robo.

During the RoboCup, Eddy reveals that Dr. Mars died several years prior (and also that Dr. Mars was a lot older than Scythe), and the fact that no one knew how the real Mars looked due to him hating being photographed made him easy for Scythe to impersonate.

Scythe then creates a chaos by making all Security Bots go crazy, then he releases Hadron using Liv as an energy source. The security bots are, however, fought off by the elite trainers consisting of the Super Novas (Lunax, Solax and Galax), Hunter Fraser, Eddy,Serene, Dennis, Billy and the player.

When the player, Eddy, Dennis and Dr. Geary raids GreyBaum's hideout, Eddy identifies Katana as the robo that killed his father, and attacks it. It is defeated, but discovered to be a fake as the real Katana attacks Eddy from behind and knocks him out, only to be defeated by the player. Scythe retreats, badly wounded, into the room where Hadron is kept, and activates it.

Hadron attacks the player, but is defeated. It then absorbs the life force of Scythe and also all of his extensive knowlege and malicious intent, and attacks the player. Hadron can not be harmed in the following battle, and the player collapses on the floor after Hadron's guaranteed win. Liv then transfers the mental energy from both Lunax, Solax, Terrax, Dennis, Hunter, Billy, Eddy, Serene and Polly to the player, and the player finally defeats Hadron, thus ending Scythe's existence for good.

After you beat the game, Greybaum retreat to the Underground, where you can go after beating your dark self (Doppelganger). the greybaum boss data is all there, and when you beat a data, you receive a part of Hadron. Then you can fight Hadron's data, and finally yourself again.