This part is illegal.
Ray II Dark
Ray II Dark Custom Robo Arena
Model Shining Fighter
Style V2: Secret
Arena: Other
Size* 8 x 4 x 2
Cube size Medium
Classification Illegal
Description V2:To be added....
Arena: An illegally modified Shining Fighter with rapid mobility both on the ground and the air.
Attack V2: 5
Arena: 100%
Defense V2: 6
Arena: 5
Endurance V2: 6
Arena: 5
Speed V2:10
Arena: 8
Aerial V2: 7
Arena: 8
Air Dash
Speed 512 hm/s
Length 52.5 in
Type Air Dash
Quantity 2
Type Attack
Action V2:Extremely fast forward charge that covers good distance.
Arena: Flies up and descends slowly ahead.
Speed 895-131 hm/s
Standard Damage V2: 160
Arena: 191
Effect V2:To be added....
Arena: Opponent shot diagonally away.
Ground Speed 161 hm/s
Jump Speed 180 hm/s
Jump Distance 60.0 in
*currently measured in inches

Ray II Dark is an illegal Shining Fighter robo that is a member of the Ray Series. It has been enhanced to have rapid mobility in the ground and in the air. In both games, Ray II Dark has been used by the Doppelgangers in Custom Robo V2 and Custom Robo Arena.

Like its name suggests, it is an illegally enhanced Ray Mk II robo.

How to obtainEdit


When equipped with its Phantom Legs, its speed can go up to 193 hm/s, which is only 3 hm/s slower than a Robin with Formula Legs, which is the fastest robo. Take advantage of its speed and do a hit-and-run. Probably the most common hit and run tactic is to attack with the Laser Ripple, drop a Deva Bomb while retreating and finish up with the Cerberus Pod.

Phantom Lightning
Creator: barox, edited by LinkIsAwesome
Robo Ray II Dark
Gun Wyrm Gun
Bomb Deva Bomb
Pod Kindjal Pod
Legs Phantom Legs
Try to keep distance between you and the opponent. Stay at least half the stage away to get good shots, but do not stop moving. When you see an opening, rush forwards and fire a Carat Bomb. While the opponent is flying up, use your charge to deal massive damage and send them across the stage. When using the Deva Bomb, hit them with the Wyrm gun while using Slide to get closer to the opponent, then fire off a Deva Bomb and use Charge to avoid damage. (The Kindjal Pod is mainly to help prevent the opponent from moving around too much.)

Ray II Dark Full Set (V2)
Creator: Noise/Nintendo
Robo Ray II Dark
Gun Nightmare Gun
Bomb Genocide Bomb
Pod Cerberus Pod
Legs Phantom Legs
Speed in close, gun stun, bomb, and charge for insane combos.

Default Ray II Dark (Arena)
Creator: Noise/Nintendo
Robo Ray II Dark
Gun Laser Ripple Gun
Bomb Deva Bomb
Pod Cerberus Pod
Legs Phantom Legs
Speed in close, gun stun, bomb, and charge for insane combos.



  • Like other members of the Ray Series, Ray II Dark is named after the Light Phenomenon of the same name.
  • Ray II Dark gains a visor while Ray Mk II gains a face mask in Arena. This may seem coincidental, but it further exemplifies the idea that the two robos are opposites to each other.
  • Ray II Dark parallels Ray Mk II in a similar way the Doppelgangers parallel the Hero of V2.
  • Ray II Dark's charge from V2 is re-used by Ray 01 in Arena.
  • Despite being the dark version of Ray Mk II, it uses Ray's Victory animations in Custom Robo V2.