Model Shining Fighter
Style Normal (CR1, V2)
Other (Arena)
Size* 8 x 3 x 2
Cube size Medium
Classification Legal
Description One of the Ray models. While it has speed and durable armor, it has less offensive power.
Attack V2: 100%
Arena: 95%
Defense CR1: 6
V2: 6
Arena: 7
Endurance CR1: 5
V2: 5
Arena: 5
Speed CR1: 5
V2: 5
Arena: 7
Aerial CR1: 5
V2: 5
Arena: 5
Air Dash
Speed 384 hm/s
Length 52.5 in
Type Air Dash
Quantity 2
Type Attack
Action CR1: Short Range Shoulder Check.
V2: Short Range Shoulder Check.
Arena: Forward ground pirouette.
Speed 555 hm/s
Standard Damage CR1: 150
V2: 150
Arena: 191
Effect Opponent blasted straight away.
Ground Speed 134 hm/s
Jump Speed 179 hm/s
Jump Distance 45.0 in
*currently measured in inches

Ray (レイ Ray) is the very first robo in the Ray Series and was developed by Lambda Ltd. It is a Normal Style Shining Fighter that has appeared in Custom Robo (Nintendo 64), Custom Robo V2, and Custom Robo Arena. It is the primary robo of the Hero in Custom Robo (N64) and of Liv in Custom Robo Arena.

In Custom Robo (GameCube), there is an illegal robo based on Ray known as Ray Legend.

How to obtainEdit

  • Custom Robo (N64): Start Scenario Mode.
  • Custom Robo V2: Win in the Great Robo Cup Finals.
  • Custom Robo Arena: Beat Liv after clearing the Grudge Matches.


CR1 & V2Edit

Ray is the robo that you play as throughout the entirety of Custom Robo's scenario mode, so you will definitely get used to playing as him. His stats are completely average overall, so he's the jack of all trades and master of none. This means that he won't excel in anything, but he's also easy to customize into pretty much any set.

His Charge is somewhat short distance-wise and is likely to miss if the opponent is moving around you, so you might want to wait until you have the opponent cornered or stunned before you use it. It does deal great damage for a charge, though.

Aerial Trapper
Creator: The One Who Wrote This
Robo Ray
Gun Vertical Gun
Bomb Geo Trap Bomb
Pod Seeker Pod G
Legs Ground Legs
This set specializes in getting opponent trapped into situations where they cannot move without getting hurt. The Geo Trap Bomb blocks corridors while the Seeker Pod G forces the opponent to keep on moving (and if it hits, it blasts them into the air). The Ground Legs allow you to air dash close to the ground without worry about landing lag. And the Vertical Gun is VERY useful for piling up damage when the opponent is stopped.


Ray is an interesting robo. His charge has invicibility frames at the start, during his spin, but none during the forward movement phase. This can make him challenging to use effectively.

He has high defense, high speed, and good aerial, which tips the odds in his favor. Master his charge, and this can be a destructive robo.

Timing is everything. You have to memorize the invincibility frames, and charge at the right moment to avoid damage. Typically, it is advised that you don't try to charge through bomb or pod blasts, or into gun round with tails(i.e, is long like the Dragon Gun, not small like the Sniper Gun). Also, never try to use the charge to avoid rapid fire round like Gatling Gun or Blade Gun; instead, utilize his rapid airdashes to escape easily.

Needle Lock
Creator: Sylar
Robo Ray
Gun Needle Gun
Bomb Burrow Bomb D
Pod Umbrella Pod
Legs Ground Legs
Use fully charged bomb as primary attack, mixed with aerial pods and uncharged bombs. Spam ground Needle, and in the case of LS's with Needle, glide spam.

Creator: Sylar
Robo Ray
Gun Rising Gun
Bomb Burrow Bomb P
Pod Throwing Pod P
Legs Ground Legs
A prime example of Doubling Up. Should be used on small stages. Liberally use your bombs and pods to get your opponent into the air. Then fire the gun and charge if you wish.

Sniper Ray
Creator: RayMKV
Robo Ray
Gun Sniper Gun
Bomb Straight Bomb G
Pod Spider Pod G
Legs Formula Legs
A common known fact is that the Sniper Gun does massive damage (100 Hit Points to be exact). So why not abuse it against your enemies who are too tough? Plant Spider Pods around where the enemy will fall. Then, run/slide right up to him and blast your foe in the face. While he's down, launch a Straight Bomb at him. The Spider Pod will finish what's left of the foe.

Tag N' Smash
Creator: Kronk
Robo Ray
Gun Stun Gun
Bomb Direct Bomb
Pod Wall Pod
Legs Formula Legs
This set has been proven to net combos easily breaching 300 points of damage (without soulboost) with use against any robo that is not a Little Raider or Sprinter (combos range from 250-310 damage). Open with stun, then charge opponent into nearby wall, jump back to a safe distance to drop a wall pod on their head then a direct bomb. This will net you between 300 and 360 points of damage, to breach 400 points repeatedly stun until rebirth.