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Max's robo, Metal Bear, is a Metal Grappler.

Metal Grapplers are strong robos that have appeared in every title since Custom Robo (Nintendo 64). They have high endurance, defense, and attack. However, they have low mobility on the ground and in the air. In addition, they have large hurtboxes, so they have a hard time avoiding getting hit. Since they have a single long air-dash, it is better to keep them close to the ground. As they tend to be poor at dodging, Metal Grapplers are good for being able to take several hits and also adding a little extra power to weaker attacks. Think of them as the equivalent of a tank class from other games.

When facing against a Metal Grappler robo, focus on capitalizing on their low speed. Have sets that specialize in moving and avoiding their attacks. Metal Grappler robos are somewhat tricky to deal with, but once you see a weakness in them, they are much easier to take down.


Metal Grapplers have very bulky bodies and are among the tallest robos in the series, standing several heads above most other classes. Their designs vary from game to game, ranging from Hollywood action heroes to hulking apes.

Naming ThemeEdit

The Metal Grapplers are commonly named after large predatory beasts, including lions, tigers, and bears (oh, my!).