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Angelica's robo, Bel, is a Little Sprinter.

Little Sprinters are small robos that appear in Custom Robo (Nintendo 64), Custom Robo V2, and Custom Robo Arena. Little Sprinters are very similar to Little Raiders in the fact that they have enhanced speed in exchange for generally limited attack, defense, and endurance. However, they exchange some ground speed for more aerial mobility. In addition, instead of air dashes, Little Sprinters have 3 Air Jumps (like Aerial Beauties).

To counter a user of a Little Sprinter, focus on clogging the screen up with bombs, pods, and guns. As such, the 3-Way Gun and Reflection Pod will be your friends. In most games, they are downed in one hit. This will cause them to stop moving. However, they (like all downed robos) will receive reduced damage while downed. So, they are somewhat tricky to defeat.


Little Sprinters are generally designed to resemble female children.

Naming ThemeEdit

Little Sprinters are named after units of measure.


  • Little Raiders and Little Sprinters were merged together in Custom Robo (GameCube). They had the naming convention and name of the Little Raiders and the air jumps of the Little Sprinters.
    • This explains why Swift was a Little Raider in Battle Revolution and a Little Sprinter in Arena.
  • The Chick robo is most similar to a Little Sprinter due to its low defensive stats and 2 air jumps. However, it is never listed as one.