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Lightning Sky (Lightning Skyer in Japan) robos are the masters of the sky. They have appeared in Custom Robo GX, Custom Robo (GameCube), and Custom Robo Arena. They have a single long air-dash that is known as a Sky Dash, generally low defense and speed, but very high aerial capabilities. Their air-dashes allows them to fly horizontally and attack while doing so. Think of them as Aerial Glass Cannons. As such, many users of Lightning Sky robos opt for aerial based sets whenever using them.

As they excel in the air, they do not fare well on the ground. Keep them flying in the air to maximize their potential. When fighting against a Lightning Sky robo, opt for Anti Air weapons like the Umbrella Pod or the Gravity Gun to ground them and deal massive damage.


Lightning Skies are of above average height, lying somewhere between Shining Fighters and Metal Grapplers. They have sleek, aerodynamic builds, if somewhat bulkier than Shining Fighters, which is owed to their unique ability to transform into aircraft during their Sky Dash ability, making them heavily reminiscent of Transformers.

Naming ThemeEdit

The Lightning Skies are named after various types of missile, both real and fictional. In addition, Lightning Sky robos that appear in Custom Robo Arena are also named after weather phenomena. The exceptions to this naming convention are Ray Sky (named after the Ray series and the Lightning Sky class), AIRS (short for "Anti-Insurgent Ray Sky"), Ruhiel (named after a Jewish Angel) and Rahu's 3 forms (named after a Hindu Serpent).


  • Hadron and Jameson are sometimes considered as Lightning Sky robos, despite never being explicitly stated as being one.
    • Jameson was introduced in Custom Robo V2, which predated the inclusion of Lightning Sky robos.
    • In addition, Hadron's entry in Custom Robo Arena never states that it is a Lightning Sky robo. It does have a Sky Dash like Lightning Sky robos.