Occupation Dread Army Scientist, Goliath Organization Scientist
Robo Of Choice Oracle (CR1, V2, & Arena) & Stinger (V2)
Commander License N/A
Resides Unknown (likely in Jail again)
Game Custom Robo (Custom Robo, Custom Robo V2, and Custom Robo Arena)

Homra was a Dark commander who has made many appearances within the series.

Custom Robo

During the Custom Robo Tournaments, he posed as an assistant for the Hero's mother. After the hero beats the Great Robo Cup elimination match, the next day his true identity and the Dread Army is finally revealed. During his escape, he uses an autonomous robo Oracle, which is armed with the Illegal Homra Gun, to finish the heroes. After being defeated by the Hero, he escapes with a jetpack.

The hero encounters him again while assaulting the Dread Army's Headquarters. He is encountered after Minamo and is fought on Magma Ruins. He uses the autonomous Oracle again, but this time he has it fully equipped with Illegal Parts. Once again defeated, he becomes enraged and (unwillingly) lets the Hero pass by. After the Dread Army is defeated, he is sent to jail by the police.

Custom Robo V2

Homra, freed from jail somehow, returns as a member of the Goliath Organization. He has his own room that resembles a Roman Coliseum. He first sent an army of autonomous robos to attack a group of heroes and fails, prompting him to use his Oracle robo. After another loss, he is insulted by Yurie for not diving into his robo and is called "Gloomy Glasses". This infuriates him so much that he decides to dive into his Stinger, which is armed with a full set of Illegal Parts. He loses again, collapsing due to the mental strain caused by his Illegal Parts. However, he calls in another wave of automatic robos, forcing the Hero to progress through the base alone. He was likely sent to jail again after the police arrived to the scene.

Homra later appears in the Grand Battles scenario after both the Dread Army and Goliath Organization escape prison. As he worked in both organizations, he appears in the House of Dread and House of Goliath tournaments. It is unknown what happens to him after the tournaments.

Custom Robo Arena

Although Homra doesn't make an appearance, his battle data was used as one of the Gatekeeper systems. This Gatekeeper system uses a legal version of the Oracle set from Custom Robo.