Welcome to the Dome Center! We currently offer several rumble features: a Welcome Center, an Editing Guide, and a Research Center.

Welcome Center

Once again, welcome to Robopedia! We are a site devoted to Custom Robo. Find out more about Custom Robo here. Our wiki needs plenty of work, so we're always happy to get new contributors.

Editing Guide

Anyone can make edits, but here are a few editing guidelines:

  • Before even editing, read this.
  • Remember to log in before you edit. It gives some credibility.
  • Don't be afraid to edit. That is, if you are making an edit with good intention and not vandalizing, just do it. Chances are it will make the wiki better.
  • It is recommended to Preview before Saving to cut down on grammar errors and typos.
  • When creating a new article, be sure that the topic is relevant to Custom Robo.
  • Only add categories that are absolutely appropriate.
  • Choose the 'Blank Page' option when creating a page.
  • If you want to add a picture, set the width between 200 and 300 pixels.
  • The wiki uses American English spelling rules and syntax.
  • If you need any help, you can ask the active admin(s): Limxzero. Click either for their respective talk pages.

Research Center

This is our research center, where we will develop new technologies, such as userboxes and talk bubbles and other stuff to make this wiki look nicer.


Feel free to use any applicable userboxes by typing their code in your user page.

Harry This user is a freelance Bounty Hunter.
Code: {{Bounty hunter}}   (edit, talk, links)
Kris This user has reached 500 edits and is now a member of the Police Squad!
Code: {{Police squad member}}   (edit, talk, links)
Ernest This user has reached 1000 edits!
Code: {{bountyhunterleader}}   (edit, talk, links)
Ray 01 This user is the commander of a Shining Fighter!
Code: {{user shiningfighter}}   (edit, talk, links)
Tricerion This user is the commander of a Burning Beast!
Code: {{user burningbeast}}   (edit, talk, links)
Glaive This user is the commander of a Strike Vanisher!
Code: {{user strikevanisher}}   (edit, talk, links)
Mantis This user is the commander of a Trick Flyer!
Code: {{user trickflyer}}   (edit, talk, links)
Metal ape This user is the commander of a Metal Grappler!
Code: {{user metalgrappler}}   (edit, talk, links)
Gigantron This user is the commander of a Big Boy!
Code: {{user bigboy}}   (edit, talk, links)
Arena This user has completed
Custom Robo Arena.
Code: {{user com arena}}   (edit, talk, links)
GC This user has completed
Custom Robo GC.
Code: {{user com GC}}   (edit, talk, links)
Wiki This user is a Robopedia Admin! (verify)
Code: {{RobopediaAdmin}}   (edit, talk, links)

Talk Bubbles

Talk Bubbles are a great way communicate with users on talk/discussion pages. Below is an example of a generic talk Bubble. Example:

user name - whatever you want
TALK - {{{time}}}

1) To get a talk bubble, create an article called Template:Yourusername.

2) Copy and paste the following in the article.

|name=your user name
|sig=what ever you want

3) In the image space, put the name of an image from this wiki you want to use such as Raysky.png. In the name space, type your exact User name. In the sig space, you can have any appropriate personal expression. If you want, you can also change up the colors/fonts and altering the other fields.

4) Once you've done that, to use your Talk bubble, just write {{Your username|text=whatever you want to say.}} That's it. Have fun!