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Burning Beasts are fast, agile ground-based robos that appear in Custom Robo V2, Custom Robo (GameCube), and Custom Robo Arena. The one stealth-dash they possess allows them to easily approach or avoid damage while in mid-air and land quickly. While most Burning Beasts move around with two legs, some move around on all fours. These ones are Tricerion (in both appearances), Leon (in Arena, his only appearance), and Wolfen (only in Arena, as he was bipedal in V2). As such, these Burning Beasts have somewhat smaller hitboxes due to the lack of height they possess.

They are exceptional at delivering attacks at close and mid-ranges, as their single, long range stealth dash allows them to very quickly close long distances between players in order to both devastatingly attack at short range and deftly avoid gunfire and blasts. Burning Beast robos are greatly aided by use of the Ground Legs.

The following is a list of Burning Beasts and the games that they appear in: