This part is illegal.
Model Aerial Beauty
Style Other
Size* Medium
Cube size Medium
Classification Illegal
Description An Aerial Beauty model with upgraded aerial abilities and additional jumps.
Attack 95%
Defense 2.5
Endurance 2.5
Speed 3.0
Aerial 5.0
Air Dash
Speed N/A
Length N/A
Type Air Jump
Quantity 6
Type Evasion
Action Ascends quickly.
Speed N/A
Standard Damage 150 (stat is 4.0)
Effect Opponent is sent flying upwards in a high, diagonal direction.
Ground Speed N/A
Jump Speed N/A
Jump Distance N/A
*currently measured in inches

Athena is an Illegal Aerial Beauty robo from Custom Robo (GameCube). It has been upgraded in aerial abilities (having a nearly perfect aerial stat) and has 6 aerial jumps at its disposal. It is used by Eliza and Isabella, twin sisters that aim to rule the Z Syndicate.

How to obtainEdit


This robo is best used with a gun with long-range, multiple rounds, and homing capabilities, such as the Eagle Gun or Raptor Gun. The first way allows this robo to attack from long range while forcing the opponent to work; it is best to either trap an opponent with a bomb and/or pod or hit them with a bomb and/or pod after firing the gun.

Another strategy is to jump as high as you can and just continuing to fire the Eagle/Raptor Gun to create a huge amount of rounds to easily overwhelm your opponent. The Blade Gun also works on Metal Grappler or Funky Big Head models in the air, as it creates a stream of rounds that are hard to evade.

You could also try aiming for just firepower and decent homing when trying to choose a gun. If so, try the Dragon Gun or the Wyrm Gun. In addition, try using the Geo Trap Bomb to trap the opponent and the Ground Freeze Pod in order to freeze the opponent for a free hit.

Be sure to equip legs that boost your aerial effectiveness. The Eclipse Legs (the default legs on her) is a wonderful choice as it boosts her jump height AND aerial mobility, allowing her to easily avoid pretty much any attack whenever she isn't attacking. She's already a beast in the air, so why not make her an even deadlier beast?

Default Athena
Creator: Noise/Nintendo
Robo Athena
Gun Waning/Waxing Arc Gun
Bomb Waning/Waxing Arc Bomb
Pod Orca Pod
Legs Eclipse Legs
Athena's default set. Eliza uses the Waxing (Left Arc/Wave) parts while Isabelle uses the Waning (Right Arc/Wave) parts. The Orca Pod is an enhanced Dolphin Pod G with greater range, homing, and more rounds while the Eclipse legs improve jump height and mobility in the air. Truly Athena's base set specializes in being in the air.



  • Athena is named after the Greek Goddess of Wisdom.
  • Eliza uses Athena's Original Color Scheme while Isabella uses Athena's Red Color Scheme.
  • Athena is tied with Ray Legend in having the most aerial actions in BR. In addition, she is also tied with Old-Timers in having the most aerial actions in the series.
    • When looking at just robos that have air jumps instead of air dashes, Athena is matched by no-one in the number of air jumps.